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The Fleet Management Software for Smart Companies

The cloud based platform to manage all your fleet assets

Live Track all your Assets

Fleetsu helps you go beyond blinking dots on a map. We help you make sense of the data and use it to manage your entire operation.

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Road Works

Access up-to-date road works and road closure information

Traffic Cameras

View your local traffic flow and plan your trips


Check weather conditions, view temperatures and rain maps


View transport incidents, fires and other emergencies

Learn how to

Optimise your fleet with live data

Comprehensive Fleet Software

We are solving transportation challenges by collecting and analysing detailed telemetry and sensory data from every asset in your fleet, in real-time.

Live Data Collection

Just plug our device into the diagnostic port on your asset

Automatic VIN Decoding

We automatically collect key asset information including GPS Location, VIN and odometer readings

Detailed Reporting

Our Dashboards and Reports give you quick insight into your fleet operations

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GPS Tracking - Install in 5 minutes

Get data from all assets, light and heavy

Just plug our device into the diagnostic port on your asset and we will collect all the data automatically.

Collect live data from all assets

  • Automatic VIN Number Collection
  • Odometer and Engine Hours
  • Engine Performance Data
  • Fuel Consumption and Fuel Level
  • Global Connectivity Plan Included
  • Works with majority of truck models
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Designed for Global Fleets

Our devices work anywhere in the world.
We support 190 countries with over 550 cellular carriers.  You don’t need to worry about connectivity, we got you covered.

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Coverage Map

Works with for all Vehicles

Fleetsu makes it easy to check the status of your entire operation in a couple of clicks. Save time by getting quick answers to otherwise time-consuming questions.

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First Class Reporting

Your Fleetsu dashboard gives you live fuel usage data across your entire fleet. Use it to spend less at the pump and make your whole operation more efficient.


Remotely Monitor

Remotely monitor asset parameters.

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Track Usage

Track asset usage to ensure your drivers are on task.

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Fuel Usage

View fuel usage per asset, per trip, per day.

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Live Analytics

Use our ready-built analytics tools and gain insight into your fleet.

Plays nice with everything

Our API lets you integrate Fleetsu with your enterprise business systems such as ERP, EAM, and pretty much any other system you’re using. Contact us now to learn if Fleetsu can integrate with your software.

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