Enterprise Telematics Platform

Fleetsu is an online platform designed to optimise and coordinate the use of vehicles, machinery and equipment. We collect and analyse big data streams from GPS, telemetry and IoT sources to create efficient asset management.

Flexible, Scalable, Simple and Easy to Use

Live GPS Tracking

The GPS tracking functionality allows for continuous and real-time asset tracking with unlimited access to all historical data

Alerting and Reporting

Fleetsu analytics module provides a number of drill-in detailed reports to help you better understand fleet and plant utilisation, fuel usage and idle activity, as well as detailed per-asset analytics.

Cellular and Satellite Connectivity

Fleetsu offers 3G and Satellite devices to provide uninterrupted, real-time AVL tracking and telematics functionality across the whole of Australia

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Enterprise Features

Live FBT Logbook

Use automatic trip detection to build FBT logbooks. You can easily classify trips as business or private and generate ATO compliant reports.

System Integration

Fleetsu has been developed for easy data sharing and integration with your business systems to achieve maximum operational benefits.

Remote Diagnostics

With Fleetsu, you can remotely diagnose your machinery and get access to key telemetry data live.

Advanced reporting

Fleetsu advanced reporting provides a number of beautiful reports to help you better understand your fleet utilisation.

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Fleetsu has achieved national recognition as an innovative technology company


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