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We are delivering revolutionary connected fleet technology
to 100’s of the best-known brands.

Modern GPS Tracking for Trucks and Light Vehicles in Real Time

With RandPlatform's real time vehicle panel you will be able to monitor your entire fleet all in one modern space.

Save on fuel costs

RandPlatform provides you with accurate fuel consumption information for all vehicles that are Rand McNally Managed. This information is used by our customers to lower fuel consumption costs across their fleet.

Real time alerts​

From vehicles entering job sites and maximum utilisation to just name two. Location alerts can inform you of information that is important to you. If you need to know it, Rand Platform can alert you.

Toyota partner with Rand McNally to offer a Connected Fleet Management Solution

Free PDF

Click to download our free PDF that discusses the top six Fleet Management challenges and our advise on how to tackle them. There are tips you can use even if you don't sign up with us.

Smart AI dashcams

Whether it’s across the country or across town, accidents can happen. When they do, footage from the road-facing camera can help exonerate your drivers and safeguard your company.

Vehicle service reminders

Take the pain out of managing when your vehicles are to be serviced. A Rand McNally managed vehicle can have service reminders added directly to the vehicle, informing you and the driver when it’s time for servicing.

Logbooks automated, accurate, ATO compliant

Safely and securely record log books with Rand's accurate and automated log book feature. We are proudly certified by the Australian Tax Office and have been helping business move away from time consuming paper log books to a Rand McNally managed system.

Driver safety information

From speeding alerts to measuring if a vehicle has experienced rapid acceleration, braking and cornering. Driver safety information provides the information you need to reward safe drivers.

Easy to manage large Fleets with rapid filters

Rapidly pick and choose the exact vehicles that you want to see. Choose from list of filter types. Our customers love vehicles types such as trucks or cars, stationary vehicles and vans parked at a depot. Rapid filter enable you to manage large fleets by categorising your fleet the way you want to see it. Dynamically and incredibly fast!

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Get a personalised quote

Please take a moment to fill out this quick questionnaire and we will get in touch to discuss how we can help you.