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Live GPS tracking, fleet automation, maintenance tools and analytics online

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A telematics platform to make your fleet data work for you.

Remotely monitor asset parameters, including engine performance and fuel consumption. Leverage this insight to make better operational decisions, increasing fleet safety and efficiency, saving you money

Trusted by the leading companies
to integrate, manage and automate fleet operations

Free Tracking App

Start for FREE
with GPS Tracking App

Simple way to track and manage your drivers without the need for specialised hardware, simply download Fleetsu Driver and start tracking.

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Live GPS Tracking

Fleetsu sends frequent GPS data points for the most accurate mobile tracking

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Privacy Controls

Drivers can use on-duty/off duty privacy mode

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GPS hardware

upgrade to in-vehicle
gps tracking devices

Just plug our device into the OBDII or J1939 diagnostic port on your asset. All vehicle and asset protocols and ports are supported

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Get live engine parameters

Get access to detailed vehicle telematics and performance data including live fuel consumption, RPM, Coolant Temperatures, VIN numbers

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Build behaviour profiles

Drivers can use on-duty/off duty privacy mode

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Always connected

Included global data plan, support for all assets from light vehiles to trucks with J1939 protocols.

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Plug-n-play or hardwired

Available as plug-n-play OBDii or hardwired IP67 rated devices

Leverage your data for predictive insights and actionable intelligence

Improving efficiency doesn’t have to mean compromising on fleet safety, operational control or compliance requirements. Fleetsu optimises your fleet’s utilisation and performance through live data feeds, integrations and automation.

Asset Monitoring

Live GPS tracking

Track the locations and behaviour of your on-duty drivers through Fleetsu’s manager view, leverage this insight to make better operational decisions, increasing fleet safety and efficiency, saving you money. Track the locations and behaviour of your on-duty drivers through Fleetsu’s manager view

Maintenance Tools

Intuitive maintenance tools at your fingertips

Real-time alerts for license, registration, insurance and maintenance requirements. Treat safety and compliance risks within your fleet before issues occur.

Generating measureable ROI
from every asset in your fleet, in real-time

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Reduction in Accidents
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Reduced Fuel Usage
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Increased Productivity

Live Telematics

Remotely monitor asset parameters

Remotely monitor asset parameters with state of the art telematics. Hundreds of data points made available to you. Track and enrich this data for powerful insights into your fleet. Make assured operational decisions in real-time

System Integrations

Simple, drag and drop system integrations

Free your IT staff with Fleetsu’s drag and drop integrations builder. Gain efficiencies with integrated workflows and integration connectors that connect your business processes to reduce your operating costs. You can build any workflow and trigger any system notification in Fleetsu in just a few steps.

Built in data sharing

Easily capture and share fleet data

Create a deeper relationship with your valued clients Easily share data and provide your clients with the rich views and intelligence they care about
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ATO certified FBT logbook

Automate and streamline your FBT logbooks

Reduce the burden on your operations staff. Streamline data entry, asset maintenance logging and compliance management. Automatically classify your fleet’s profitable versus non-productive time

Collect live data from all assets.
Install Fleetsu's device in just 5 minutes

Fleet Manager

Future-proof your business

Leverage your data to create profitable efficiency gains and find new revenue streams. Create opportunities with Fleetsu’s predictive analytics to innovate and transform your business model
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GPS Tracking

Unlock the big data within your fleet assets. Get live data streams from vehicles, including proprietary information

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Fleet Management

Gather and organise your fleet data in the cloud. Stored securely for peace of mind. Automate your fleet processes with the drag and drop integrations builder

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Fleet Optimisation

Make accurate operational decisions quickly with real-time data, intuitive analytics dashboards and predictive insights

Installation takes less than 5 minutes, so start today, for free.