Smart Platform for Connected Vehicles

We transform Fleet Management by enabling businesses to instantly collect, analyse and monetise fleet data

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What if you had a platform that could help you to automate your fleet management?


Connect Your Assets

Works with all vehicles, big and small

Available for light vehicles and heavy trucks.

  • Light Vehicle and Truck Engine parameters
  • Live RPM, Engine Temperatures
  • Fuel Consumption and Tank Levels
  • Remote Fault Diagnostics

Trusted by Enterprise Customers

We are delivering revolutionary Connected Fleet technology to some of the best-known brands

Collect real-time data remotely

Save time and money, manage all fleet assets remotely
  • Remotely Read Engine Hours, Odometers
  • Diagnose Faults
  • Read 100's of vehicles and equipment parameters

Rapidly Deploy your Connected Vehicle Solution

Platform that looks and feels like your own product

Get to market within weeks without massive investment, time-consuming infrastructure or the stress of platform management. We’ll take care of it all for you
  • Apply your own branding
  • Host in your company domain
  • Customised features and functionality

API First Platform

Build your own applications for connected vehicles

Transform data into action and action into scalable success. We’ve made it easy to establish and develop business partnerships with third parties through seamless data sharing. Your knowledge becomes big business.
  • Open API, with an ever-growing list of out-of-the-box integration connectors for market-leading enterprise SaaS platforms
  • Endlessly customisable business rule builder, with our Workflows allowing you and your user to build unique business logic without the need for developers
  • One API to connect and interact with all vehicle makes and models

Intuitive maintenance tools at your fingertips

Avoid accidents and extend the life of your heavy equipment with proactive maintenance 


Maintenance Tools

Maintenance module

Real-time alerts for license, registration, insurance and maintenance requirements means you’ll never miss a date, and helps your operations team work on improving your business. Keep safety and compliance risks at bay.

Real Time Updates

Fleetsu automaticaly collects fleet performance data such as odometer rea

All your fleet data is stored securely

Permissions, roles and tags allow you to easily control exactly what users can access, making sure there are absolutely no security risks


Automatic Data COllection

All vehicle data automatically populated

Fleetsu removes manual data entry. Our VIN decoder auto-populates vehicle makes and models to create an always up-to-date data repository, freeing your operations team to focus on helping your business run smoothly

Just plug our OBDII device for automtic VIN decoding

Just plug in Fleetsu's device and it will automaticaly detect VIN number

All vehicle data automaticaly populated

Fleetsu removes manual data entry, our VIN decoder auto-populates vehicle makes, models to crete an always up to date data repository

Licensing information maintained

We also connect with Government databases, updating licensing information, including registration numbers and expiration dates, without having to worry you about it

Maintenance Tools

Set flexible reminders

Real-time alerts for license, registration, insurance and maintenance requirements. Treat safety and compliance risks within your fleet before issues occur.

Live Odometer readings

Set reminders on true odometer readings; no more running around

licence renewals

Forget the constant stress of keeping on top of your renewal dates. Fleetsu saves you time by making sure your fleet is always fully compliant

Extendable Platform

Because it’s loved by enterprise customers across the globe, we’ve tailored cloud-Connected Vehicle platform to your challenges to help you generate revenue from automotive’s fastest-growing sector
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Remote Data Collection
  • Asset Management
  • Reporting

Dashboards And Analytics For Fast Operational Decisions

Fleetsu platform can be white-labelled with your branding and fully customised to your needs​

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Live engine data collection

Real-time fleet data

Remotely monitor asset parameters with state of the art telematics. Hundreds of real-time data points made available for you track for powerful insights into your fleet. Save money. Be informed.

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Fuel Cost Today
0 km
Odometer Reading
0 h
Engine Hours
0 L
Total Fuel Consumed
0 rpm
Max Engine RPM

Efficiency Reporting

Team productivity tools

Looking for ways to optimise and automate your billing? Not sure if your team’s hours are correct? Use Fleetsu’s automatic time management and logbook module to aim for high efficiency scores!


Live GPS tracking

Live track and record your fleet. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Mobile Tracking app

Manage your drivers online

Fleetsu Driver is a companion GPS tracking app for Fleetsu. It lets you track your drivers via their mobile device in real-time without a need for specialised hardware. It’s the ultimate way to guarantee driver efficiency.



Real-time GPS tracking

Track the locations and behaviour of your on-duty drivers through Fleetsu’s manager view. Leverage this insight to easily make more money saving operational decisions, and increase your fleet safety and efficiency.

Asset Monitoring

Replay trips

Track and record the locations and behaviour of your on-duty drivers through Fleetsu’s manager view.

Leverage this insight to easily make more money saving operational decisions, and increase your fleet safety and efficiency.


multiple maps

Check road conditions

emergency information and road closures

Direct access to all important maps and notification alerts


advanced OBDII telematic SENSORS

Plug-n-play GPS devices

Our plug and play OBDII Vehicle Sensor allows you to get  all asset parameters in one platform. Analyse fuel usage, engine performance and learn more about the true operating cost of your fleet.

fleetsu hw
np speedometer 950576 2D9689

RPM, Engine Temperatures

np fault problem 1353189 2D9689

DTC Codes (Engine Errors)

np odometer 780267 2D9689

Live Odometer and Engine Hours

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Live Engine Torque %

np fuel 38066 2D9689

Fuel Tank Level &
Live Fuel Consumption

GPS Tracking for mobile devices

Invite your team and manage all your assets in one easy to use platform

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Live GPS Tracking

Drivers toggle off-duty mode to disable location tracking

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In-App Duress Button

Drivers can easily request help or signal duress through the app

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In-app Check In

Drivers can quickly check-in to signal they are ok

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Web Based Admin Panel

Track the locations of your on-duty drivers through Fleetsu's manager view

Leverage your mobile devices to track and manage your fleet

Simply download Fleetsu Driver to your mobile devices and get live location data right to Fleetsu. Combine this with our in-mobile check-in and duress buttons, then you can keep an eye on the safety of your employees.

Drag And Drop - Fleet Automation Workflows

Automate your fleet processes with our easy drag and drop builder​​

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System Integrations

Automate your fleet processes

Free your IT staff with Fleetsu’s drag and drop builder. Gain efficiencies with integrated workflows and integration connectors, connecting your business processes and reduce your operating costs. You can now build any workflow and trigger any system notification in Fleetsu in just a few quick steps.

Fleet automation

Build decision and event-based workflows quickly

Configure your workflows to use any vehicle device sensor parameters, asset or geographic information

Create geofences

With visual editor and full Google Maps integration

Integration Connectors

Connect your workflows to external APIs

Get in touch

Learn how to rapidly deploy your own Connected Vehicle solution

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