Adam Ricketts

Adam Ricketts

Head of Product @ Fleetsu

Automate your fleet with Fleetsu’s Visual Workflow Builder

December 9, 2018


Please welcome the Telematics Workflow Builder

We have always wanted to design a system that is capable of mapping any user workflow, and triggering every type of custom alert you might need, while providing notifications and integration hooks based on data coming from your Connected Fleet.

We knew that the design would have to be easy to use, scalable and simple for users to configure. We wanted our customers to be able to self-serve so we had to create something that wouldn’t require a PhD to operate and could be quickly grasped by someone with almost no IT knowledge.

Drumroll… please welcome the Telematics Workflow Builder, the newest addition to Fleetsu’s software range. (It’s currently in Beta, so please reach out to us via the support desk to get access). The brand new features are designed to make any system integration and notifications easy no matter what your level of IT expertise.

Screen Shot 2018 12 05 at 10.58.50 am

Designed to simplify alerting and integrations

Are there rare occasions that you need to notify your ERP system on speed between 20 and 30 km/h? We have made it possible, just drag and drop the integration connectors and vehicle events onto the canvas, connect the boxes and voilà! Our workflow engine will take care of the rest and notify everyone based on your defined workflow.

From now on, you can build any workflow and trigger any system notification in Fleetsu in just a few steps.

  • Do you need to be notified on engine overheating in specific geozones?
  • Do you want to know about assets moving outside of business hours, but only on Thursdays?
  • Would you like to receive a notification when your Toyota hits 50,000km’s on the odometer?

You can quickly build it all in our workflow system.

More connectors coming soon

We will be bringing more connectors to our workflow engine, and want to hear your suggestions. Think about the most common ERP systems, job management systems and accounting systems. Let us know if you’d like to see a specific connector and we will add it to our development pipeline.

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