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Jakub Felinski

Founder and CEO @ Fleetsu

Automating Fleet Maintenance & Increasing Fleet Longevity

February 18, 2022

Automating maintenance and increasing fleet longevity

Fleet maintenance is not only essential for fuel efficiency & vehicle reliability but can also be a requirement under a lease plan. Missing a simple service can cost you big.

Chasing down people to remind them that their vehicle is due because of Kilometres driven or time, then is overdue for the same service is nothing short of a pain in the neck! To overcome this challenge it’s all about making it easy to notify people when they need take the vehicle in for a service, having a simple report of who is overdue and more importantly a computer system that does all the calculations for you based on the parameters that matter most such as time or Kilometres driven. If only there was a friendly company with a winning smile and a can do attitude offering an easy to use platform that can get this job done!

Automating maintenance with Fleetsu

Fleetsu’s maintenance automates the service reminders based on the vehicle’s usage

Who better to keep you informed on maintenance than your vehicles? Receive vehicle and dashboard fault codes directly from the vehicles engine. Need an alert when your vehicle reaches a certain odometer or date? Done!
This feature really helps to lower paperwork and ensures the vehicles are there on time when they need it. For large companies we break down vehicles using groups so the right people can be notified and when.

Pro Tip! This report coupled with the Fuel Usage Report often yields instant results, the number one offender of fuel usage is a car that hasn’t been serviced, the next is bad driving, then tyres.

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