Adam Ricketts

Adam Ricketts

Head of Product @ Fleetsu

Do you know how well your fleet is being utilised?

November 26, 2018


Can you easily report on your fleet utilisation?

If you’re running a fleet, you already know that it is one of your most significant business expenses, so you want to make sure you’re utilising it to capacity. Whether you own your fleet or lease it, there are substantial savings to be made by merely knowing how your fleet is being used.  If you asked your internal Fleet Manager or external Fleet Management Operator tomorrow for a fleet utilisation report on your companies fleet, would they be able to provide you one?  I bet in many cases they wouldn’t know where to start to create one and if they did I bet it would take a few days before you got it because they do not have easy access to the data required. The answer to this problem and to making significant savings and more informed investment decisions on your fleet operational costs is an easy one.

Telematics can help

At Fleetsu we have many customers who when we initially spoke to them, did not know how their fleet was being used much less be able to produce a fleet utilisation report.  By implementing Fleetsu, they can now quickly and easily generate real-time reports on how, when and where their fleet is used.  Whether this is a government department wanting to see the utilisation of their pool cars, a commercial business looking for accurate indicators of productivity or Executives requiring data to decide on fleet investment, Fleet and Operations Managers can quickly and intuitively review both live and historical fleet utilisation and generate accurate reports.

Using Fleetsu is allowing our customers to quickly and easily create a utilisation profile of their fleet and start seeing where under utilisation of fleet can either be improved or used to make decisions on reducing the fleet size.  Similarly, this information is being used to make informed decisions on when to increase fleet size when fleet utilisation hits capacity.

Make more informed decisions

Not only does implementing Fleetsu provided insight into fleet utilisation to enable Fleet and Operational Managers to profile their fleet accurately, it will also allow Executives to analyse their fleet and vastly improve their capability and speed of making fleet investment decisions.

Contact us, to find out more about how Fleetsu can help you increase your fleet utilisation.

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