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Jakub Felinski

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Fleet Fuel Consumption & Fuel Costs

March 25, 2022

Fleet fuel consumption

Fuel Consumption and Fuel Costs

A day spent scouring through fuel card transactions and lining them up with assets is a regular duty fleet managers face. If this sounds familiar then we feel for you. This time consuming process also requires connecting the dots to piece together efficiency data and understand fuel consumption for your fleet. With rising fuel costs the focus on entire fleet fuel consumption has never been more intense.
Finding the trends, the worse consumers and the opportunities for massive savings is hard, really hard. If this is you, you deserve a raise.
At least a coffee.

Manage fleet fuel consumption
Finding the trends, worst consumers and opportunities for massive savings, how do we do it?

It starts with working tirelessly to ensure highly accurate fuel readings from all vehicles, then we take the highly technical data and present it in a way that you can understand, either from a detailed vehicle level or over the whole fleet. Do you need to have your whole fleet sorted by the lowest fuel economy per L/100km? Done! Do you want to then look at the history of the highest consumers to see patterns that lead to high consumption? Done and Done! Our detailed reports will go high level when needed, or break it down for you to give you information that could produce real cost savings change.
Also, for some of our customers, this simple report has highlighted a number of vehicles that needed immediate mechanical attention.

Pro Tip! In hot climates we have been told that employees on job sites love to leave vehicles are running to keep the air conditioner going so their cabin is nice and cold. This uses a lot of fuel! An email today directing against this may yield instant results.

Our Promise

Our platform is easy to use & customisable. Our pricing is modular so you only pay for what you need. But being honest is not worth a thing if you don’t have support and are coached on how to get the absolute most out of your data. Our promise to you is we will always have your back. We believe business is earned not just on day one but for the entire life of the partnership, and we will earn your business, that’s our promise.

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