Jakub Felinski

Jakub Felinski

Founder and CEO @ Fleetsu

Improving Driver Safety

March 11, 2022

Driver Safety
Improving driver safety. Defending your drivers.
Speeding fines, Insurance claims, customer complaints from bad driving and worst of all accidents can turn any business upside down.

One of the real challenges is to turn the safety challenge from a reactive one to a proactive one. Speeding is one the main challenges we hear about from our customers. Number one by far as it tends to be the source of knock on results such as customer complains, accident claims and loss of vehicle asset and potentially injured workers. The good news is we can, putting it simply, tell you who is a good driver or not and tell you when a driver is speeding.
Fleetsu can even give the driver an alert incase they make an honest mistake, then their manager if the mistakes ‘keep happening’.

Manage Drivers, Increase Safety
You can know who was driving for each trip and how good, bad or ugly their performance was. This includes Pool vehicles.

You can either assign a driver or drivers self assign using our free Mobile Driver App. Once assigned, ensure a safe fleet by tracking harsh events like speeding, harsh cornering and sudden braking. The Fleetsu platform automatically calculates and assigns a safety score to each driver to monitor performance.

Pro Tip! Need some trips to be private? We have you covered.

With Fleetsu Private Mode we can make trips private, this can be configured to your business needs.

Our Promise

Our platform is easy to use & customisable. Our pricing is modular so you only pay for what you need. But being honest is not worth a thing if you don’t have support and are coached on how to get the absolute most out of your data. Our promise to you is we will always have your back. We believe business is earned not just on day one but for the entire life of the partnership, and we will earn your business, that’s our promise.

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