Prism Fuel Tax Credits

Prism is an data analytics engine optimised for Fuel Apportionment analysis, used in Fuel Tax Credit (FTC) calculations. With market-leading mapping data covering the whole of Australia, Prism automatically analyses your Fleetsu vehicle activity to determine precise estimates of fuel usage on Public Roads and Non-Public locations, the key component for FTC claims. Enjoy the benefits or accurate, automated and transparent Fuel Tax Credit calculations delivered each month.

Fleetsu makes it easy to set up Prism Fuel Tax Credits

How Prism Fuel Tax Credits works

Sign up and we will connect Prism to your Fleetsu GPS and vehicle data. You will receive a welcome email and login details when ready, no work needed by you!

Review your vehicle information and add any extra details required to optimise your calculations (such as the exact make and model of the vehicle or your own fuel burn rates). We are happy to help you through this and the other features of the platform.

That’s it! You will receive monthly FTC reports with full details for your fleet and access to our web portal which provides extra analysis tools to understand your results.


Get more out of Prism Fuel Tax Credits with Fleetsu

Easy – the complex calculations on massive GPS data are done automatically and the results are presented in simple and easy to use format

Accurate – Prism comes ‘batteries included’ with road and land use data covering the whole of the country. This means you get the best result without having to do the mapping yourself (but we can include your mapping too).

Fast – Automation and integration with Fleetsu mean you don’t have to wait for results, they are ready shortly after month end.

Improves cashflow – By having access to accurate monthly results, you don’t need to wait to claim the Fuel Tax Credits you may be entitled to.

Maximises entitlement – Ensure you identify all your eligible fuel usage each month.

Fleetsu makes it easy to set up Prism Fuel Tax Credits

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