Adam Ricketts

Adam Ricketts

Head of Product @ Fleetsu

Managing your assets is easier with Groups​

May 29, 2019


Managing a fleet of assets can be challenging. Using software to manage your fleet can make it easier but you still need to be able to get to the data you want quickly. One way of getting to relevant data more efficiently can be by grouping your assets how you want to, whether this is by State, Department, Division or Territory, grouping can help you get to the data you want, quicker.

To help our customers get to their most relevant data as quickly as possible, we have built our new Groups module for Fleetsu which enables users to create the group hierarchy they want.

New Groups Module

The new Groups module means users can now customise the way they view their fleet data in Fleetsu. Groups allow System Administrator users to create their customised group structure in Fleetsu by creating groups and sub-groups and using them for filtering, reporting and to control user permissions.


Create Groups

Fleetsu System Administrator users can build their group and sub-group structure in Fleetsu such as Departments, States or Divisions. These Groups can then be used to filter map views easily and reports to quickly get to the data that is most relevant to the user.


Control Asset Visibility

By creating a customised Group structure, System Administrators can more easily control their user permissions so that users can only see and access data for assets for which they are responsible. Groups can be used to simplify what fleet data the users see and interact with in Fleetsu. Groups can also be used to control the assets that the users can report on and makes it easier to build automated reporting using scheduled reports.


Groups enables a Fleetsu user to customise the platform to align with how they manage their business. By then combining Groups with our Tags feature, users can cut and slice their fleet data in many, flexible ways.

If you are current Fleetsu user and would like to find out more about Groups, please contact us at [email protected].

If you are not a current Fleetsu customer but would like to find out more about Groups and the rest of the features in the Fleetsu platform, you can visit or contact us at [email protected].

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