Jakub Felinski

Jakub Felinski

Founder and CEO @ Fleetsu

Reclaim Time with Real Time Fleet Tracking

March 4, 2022

Real Time Fleet Tracking
Reclaim time spent on the phone locating your vehicles.

We have spoken to fleet managers whose usual day involves making over 20 phone calls to staff trying to check if they’re on site, reroute mid way or just simply source the location of their vehicles. Ditch the phone and let your vehicles tell you where they are with real time fleet tracking.

20 phone calls, 5 minutes each.
That’s 1 hour and 40 Minutes a day!

Dynamic Live Fleet Location
Dynamic Live Location

Know your fleet with zero calls!

Know where all your vehicles are at a glance with Fleetsu’s Real Time Fleet Tracking. We have been told by so many customers that this feature can change their business overnight, seeing a massive drop in ‘check in’ phone calls and an increase in positive business decisions. How do we do it? We take amazing hardware (we do not touch inaccurate hardware and neither should you, trust us) and show your vehicles in real time as they are going about their day. All the vehicle trips can be replayed at any time or watched live. Instead of picking up the phone to confirm if the truck that definitely “has to be there on time Barry!” is going to make it. Simply see Barry drive the truck in real time and relax knowing he has this under control. All without picking up the phone.

Pro Tip! Use the Trip Replay feature during a coaching discussion if needed.

Our Promise

Our platform is easy to use & customisable. Our pricing is modular so you only pay for what you need. But being honest is not worth a thing if you don’t have support and are coached on how to get the absolute most out of your data. Our promise to you is we will always have your back. We believe business is earned not just on day one but for the entire life of the partnership, and we will earn your business, that’s our promise.

Modern GPS Tracking for Trucks and Light Vehicles in Real Time

With Fleetsu’s real time vehicle panel you will be able to monitor your entire fleet all in one modern space.

Save on fuel costs

Fleetsu provides you with accurate fuel consumption information for all vehicles that are Fleetsu Managed. This information is used by our customers to lower fuel consumption costs across their fleet.

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