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Adam Ricketts

Head of Product @ Fleetsu

The first steps towards effective fleet management

November 20, 2018

You can’t optimise what you can't see and you can't optimise what you don't know you have.

To optimise your business you need to have a clear understanding of what assets your business has. It can feel overwhelming at first, you want to start effectively managing your assets but you don’t know where to begin! You can start taking control by establishing what assets you have, who owns them and how you use them.

Drawing up a comprehensive asset register is the vital first step in getting to know your fleet better. Start by building a centralised register of all your vehicles to better understand your fleet’s profile and begin tracking some key information.

You can keep all the data you collect in an Excel spreadsheet with different tabs, or you can use Fleet Management software like Fleetsu. Whichever option you choose we recommend starting with the key information that is needed to build a comprehensive overview of your fleet. You will want to record data such as:

  • Key Vehicle Characteristics – Registration Plate Number, Make, Model, Submodel, Year of Manufacture, Engine Number, VIN, Body Type, Colour, Fuel type, Transmission type
  • Usage Data – last odometer reading or engine hours, fuel economy, actual fuel consumption
  • Compliance Information – MOT, WOF or COF, next licence renewal date, last and next maintenance date
  • Business Related Info – business unit, main driver, vehicle group
  • Financial Information– acquisition date and price, monthly lease cost, current market value, operating cost
  • Documents & pictures – licensing documents, maintenance invoices, last pictures, maintenance manuals or schedules
  • Operational Information – defects list and defect history
  • Installed Accessories – list any modifications or special configuration – eg Mine Spec, or TowBar etc

How do we do it at Fleetsu? ​

We have automated data collection for some of the key characteristics and we provide you with tools to store all this data in one place. We do all the heavy lifting so you don’t need to manage multiple spreadsheets or spend days trying to find the data.


Automated VIN decoding

We have built a state of the art VIN decoding system which automatically detects the VIN from each asset we monitor and populates key information such as make, model, manufacturing date and more. We have also integrated our platform with the main governing bodies around the world to automatically gather data such as registration plate number, next renewal date and even current market value. You can read more about Fleetsu’s VIN decoding here –

Live data collection from all your assets

Our GPS devices use telematics to automatically read and transmit current odometer readings, engine hours, fuel economy and GPS location. All this data is linked to your running assets and kept up to date. You no longer need to run around collecting the latest odometer readings from your fleet. Fleetsu processes this data for you automatically. You can read more on how to analyse fleet utylisation in Adam’s post –

Compliance management

Through Fleetsu’s data integration with governing bodies, we automatically check to ensure that your licence plate is active and your MOT current. We will also tell you when your COF is due to expire.

Screen Shot 2018 11 21 at 3.56.41 pm

Load Documents & Pictures - unlimited storage

Fleetsu has a built in document management system with unlimited storage. You can upload all your asset documents such as invoices, pictures, and registration documents. They are all stored securely in Fleetsu’s Connected Vehicle Cloud.

Screen Shot 2018 11 21 at 4.00.52 pm

Log Defects & Issues

we provide you with all the tools you need to log, manage and resolve vehicle defects.

Screen Shot 2018 11 21 at 4.00.14 pm

For more information, check out platform features at

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