Jakub Felinski

Jakub Felinski

Founder and CEO @ Fleetsu

The New Fleetsu user interface – quicker, faster, better

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At Fleetsu we constantly strive to make our products faster, better and easier to use. We have taken all of your feedback onboard and spent the last couple of months completely redesigning and optimising our key features and screens. Take a look at some of the features we have been working on to enhance your experience and make your fleet management easier than ever.

New login screens

now with customisable with logo’s, images and colour schemes

New map styles 

including Night and Greyscale. On the Premium plan you can also view additional map layers such as roadworks, emergencies, weather conditions and even traffic cameras on our fleet tracking system, all designed to make your journey faster and smoother, and incident free.

fleetsu screenshot

New history replay with sensor data

New fence editor

Enhanced asset management with improved visibility and more colour options.

Cleaner and user friendly asset management with sensory data

As always, we welcome your ideas on what features and functionality you’d like to see in the system. Please feel free to submit an improvement ideas via our support portal.

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Jakub Felinski

Jakub Felinski

Founder and CEO @ Fleetsu

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