Jakub Felinski

Jakub Felinski

Founder and CEO @ Fleetsu

Fleetsu acquired by Rand McNally

April 12, 2022

Today Fleetsu celebrates a pivotal milestone on our journey to becoming the industry-leading connected vehicles platform. The Fleetsu team is proud to announce our acquisition by Rand McNally, a powerful partnership that will continue the strides Fleetsu has made globally and come to define an industry. 

Since 2015, Fleetsu’s technology has empowered teams by unifying fleet data into a simple, modern, and easy platform. Our drive to make fleet data accessible and ultimately value-adding to businesses has been led by our innovation and a customer-first mentality, setting a new standard in Australia and abroad.

Pursuing these mutual qualities has led Rand McNally and Fleetsu to be the perfect fit. Rand McNally, a navigation and fleet icon, continues to strive for innovative transformation in the industry it took the lead in creating.

Together with Rand McNally, Fleetsu will continue to innovate and craft the growing industry of connected vehicles. Backed by new global outreach, production expertise and a brand that defies any imitation, we can begin to redefine expectations and accelerate the possibilities of fleet data and management. 

We are proud to say that Fleetsu customers can continue to expect the same from the team and the platform. We will continue to be led by our customers and deliver the same business value products our customers have come to rely on. Whilst our name may be changing, our commitment to our dedicated customers has not, and continuity is the priority. 

We look forward to continuing to work with each and every one of our customers, and we can not wait to show you what is next.

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