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Jakub Felinski

Founder and CEO @ Fleetsu

Time-On-Site Reporting with Geofencing

April 8, 2022

Fleet Geofencing
For many companies, confirming time on site is how the wheels of the business turn and a major paperwork headache.

It’s used to pay staff, suppliers also and also get paid by customers. This results in paperwork submitted by drivers, then double checked by office staff, we hear stories that this is often done after the fact and on the weekends! It’s work that doesn’t move the business forward at all. Geofencing could be the answer…


Geofencing is a fancy name for drawing a virtual box around a location that matters to you, you can use this box to produce reports and alerts.

Subsequently receiving reports and alerts when a vehicle enters, exits, sits inside or outside of that Geofencing area. Create as many as you want, no limits, really go nuts!
For instance, setting up a work site and need to know who is arriving and when? Boom! For example, create a Geo Fence and call it “Worksite BigMoney”. Likewise if you need to know which Truck is currently sitting at what Depo? Boom! Likewise, create a Geo Fence around your Depo and get reports or alerts on which truck is where. Want to know what to pay on site workers? Boom! Run a report from “Worksite BigMoney” and instantly find out how long the workers were there! We love GeoFences because this feature makes Fleetsu your own. In short, we are constantly amazed with how this is put to work to produce information at the touch of a button.


Pro Tip! 

Use Geofencing to know which sites are under-utilising their vehicles. How? Run a report showing how often vehicles leave the site. If they don’t move, chances are they aren’t needed.

Keep track of your fleet with geofencing

Our Promise

Our platform is easy to use & customisable. Our pricing is modular so you only pay for what you need. But being honest is not worth a thing if you don’t have support and are coached on how to get the absolute most out of your data. Our promise to you is we will always have your back. We believe business is earned not just on day one but for the entire life of the partnership, and we will earn your business, that’s our promise.

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