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Adam Ricketts

Head of Product @ Fleetsu

We’re making it easier for you to customise Fleetsu

November 21, 2018

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Using web applications is becoming the norm for many of us. As we get more familiar with using online software in our daily lives, whether at work or at home, we want to be able to customise the way we use them and view data.

Why do we want to customise?

We want to be able to upload an Avatar, tweak a preference or choose our preferred formatting. With every little adjustment, we feel the software is becoming more tailored to us and how we want to work. Customisation is crucial because we are more likely to continue to use a web application if we can set it up how we want it.

The capability to customise is, however, where a lot of web applications can struggle. A lot of the time this is because they were migrated from a legacy desktop application. We find that a lot of our competitors still want you to view data in the way they prescribe. They aren’t too interested in how you would like to interact with their application or in making it easy for you to adjust your preferences.  

My Profile, enables you to customise Fleetsu

Our Users, are very much in our Product Team daily thoughts at Fleetsu. One of our primary goals as a team is to continue to add more customisation capability to our platform and this is why we have recently released our new My Profile feature.

My Profile enables Users to manage their preferences around how data is displayed, and yes, you can upload your Avatar too. 

Macbook My Profile

Preferences that you can manage in My Profile

  • Landing Page – Set your preferred landing page after login

  • Date/Time – Set your preferred date/time format

  • Distance Unit – Choose between Metric or Imperial (KM/Mi.)

  • Fuel Economy Unit – Pick between KM/L or MPG

  • Speed Unit – Select KM/H or MPH

  • Timezone – Set your timezone preference

My Profile, also allows you to edit your details such as name, email and phone number. 

Plenty more to come

The My Profile features are only the start of our journey to add customisation functionality to Fleetsu. We have many other features and improvements in our pipeline that will add further customisation capability and enable our User to continue to tailor and personalise Fleetsu to their requirements.

Thanks for reading this post. Now, why not schedule a demo to see Fleetsu in action and discuss your telematics and connected vehicle requirements with our team.

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