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Want to know where your vehicles are?

Track the locations and behaviour of your on-duty drivers through Fleetsu’s manager view, leverage this insight to make better operational decisions, increasing fleet safety and efficiency, saving you money. Track the locations and behaviour of your on-duty drivers through Fleetsu’s manager view

Mobile Tracking app

Boost Team productivity

Fleetsu Driver is a companion GPS tracking app for Fleetsu. It lets you track your drivers via their mobile device in real-time without a need for specialised hardware. It’s the ultimate way to guarantee driver efficiency.


Maintenance Tools

Worried about vehicle condition?

Real-time alerts for license, registration, insurance and maintenance requirements. Treat safety and compliance risks within your fleet before issues occur.

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advanced OBDII telematic SENSORS

Install GPS devices in 5 minutes

Our plug and play OBDII Vehicle Sensor allows you to get  all asset parameters in one platform. Analyse fuel usage, engine performance and learn more about the true operating cost of your fleet.

  • Works with Trucks and Light Vehicles
  • Plug-N-Play - Install in 5 minutes
  • Live RPM, Engine Temperatures
  • Fuel Consumption and Tank Levels
  • Remote Fault Code Diagnostics
  • J1939 and OBDII Engine parameters

Efficiency Reporting

Concerned about team's efficiency?

Looking for ways to optimise and automate your billing? Not sure if your team’s hours are correct? Use Fleetsu’s automatic time management and logbook module to aim for high efficiency scores!


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Get Fleetsu

$ 25 AUD per vehicle, per month
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Asset Management
  • Fleet Reporting
  • Included Data and SIM
  • GPS Hardware - $250 AUD


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