Hi, We Are Fleetsu. Nice To Meet You!​​

We help organisations get greater insights into their fleet to make smarter decisions​

Our Vision

To create a world class, innovative, fleet management platform that is user driven and scalable, enabling our customers to grow and achieve outcomes they haven't even thought of yet.


Because big data matters. And it’s time to leverage it for the full benefit of your fleet. Not just for cost savings and efficiency gains, but for where it truly matters most: the safety of your drivers. 

Unfortunately, too often the real value of this fleet data is lost because managing and understanding it can be hard. Especially with products that are not fit for purpose because of needless complexity and poor design.

Our vision for Fleetsu is to change this through its easy-to-use platform, powerful features that make our clients happy, and excellent support.

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Why choose Fleetsu?

Dynamic team

Best in class software

Open data and easy integrations

Our story

Fleetsu was born from first-hand experience of the difficulties in fleet operations management. We understand how hard and overwhelming it can be to find ways to enhance performance, reduce costs, while increasing driver safety. We realised we were not alone in our struggle. 

Since Fleetsu launched in 2015 in sunny Perth, we’ve become a leading fleet telematics provider in Asia Pacific. We’ve helped dozens of organisations simplify, manage and optimise their fleet operations.

We strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible in telematics for better ways to track, manage, automate, integrate, optimise and share data. Our mission is to give our clients the insight and decision-making power to deliver better service and gain a competitive advantage over their rivals.

We run Agile and are delivering new features to our software frequently. We push ourselves to continually deliver innovative new features that will enable our customers to achieve ever greater goals.

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