Connected Fleet Platform - Digitise your fleet management

Transform your Fleet Management business with connected fleet services

Real-time Odometer data

Remotely read accurate odometer data, get access to machine and engine hours from anywhere in the world.

Maintenance Management

Communicate and manage Recalls via easy to use interfaces. Integrate with your own databases to make the whole process smooth and easy

Connected Diagnostics

Decode fault codes in real-time, communicate with your customers, get access to Fault Decoding databases


Build profitable fleet management service

Rapidly deploy your own Fleet Management as a Service. Fleetsu can help in designing a successful go-to-market strategy, and assist in packaging the product and structuring your team for maximum impact.

Platform that looks and feels like your own

Platform that looks and feels like your own product. Go to market within weeks with your own Connected Fleet Solution

Enhanced customer vehicle servicing

Allocate your servicing capacity, location of service centres and parts availability based on your customer's usage patterns, service intervals and fleet location.


Deploy GPS tracking solution

Track location of your fleet in real-time. Leverage this insight to easily make more money saving operational decisions, and increase your fleet safety and efficiency.

No more manual odometer readings

Forget manual odometer readings. Fleetsu lets you access minute by minute odometer and engine data from anywhere in the world.

Improve your fleet utilisation

Running a large fleet? Hard to keep track of which vehicles are driven and when? Build usage profiles to detect under-utilised or overutilized vehicles, helping to reduce vehicle failures.

Stress-free, proactive maintenance management

Allocate your servicing capacity, location of service centres and parts availability based on your customer's usage patterns, service intervals and fleet location. Real-time alerts for license, registration, insurance and maintenance requirements means you’ll never miss a date. Now your operations team can focus on making your business run without any hiccups.

Remove manual data entry with automatic VIN decoding

Our VIN decoder auto-populates your vehicles’ make and model to create up-to-date data repositories, freeing your operations team to focus on what matters. No more manual data entry. We connect with Government databases, updating your licensing information, including registration numbers and expiration dates, without you ever having to worry about it.

Customise with Drag-n-Drop workflows

Our unique, drag and drop, integrated workflow system allows for endless customisations of Connected Data and processing. In just a few quick steps you can build workflows to trigger any system notification. Vehicle stationary for too long? You’ll know. The driver hasn’t rested in a while? You’ll know.

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Easily integrate with other business systems

Build your own applications for Connected Vehicles and trucks with an ever-growing list of out-of-the-box integration connectors for market-leading enterprise SaaS platforms.

Generate Subscription Revenue

Instantly grab market share and boost your revenue

Support multiple devices

Fleetsu supports all types of devices; OEM fitted, aftermarket, integrations with Telematics and GPS tracking platforms we can also assist you in building your own device and taking it to market.

Custom Maps

Deploy custom maps and map styles, upload your own images and geo data. Overlay live environmental data and your custom maps, including weather, road works, emergency and traffic conditions, bring your own maps

Accelerated Route to Market

Leapfrog your competition and secure your slice of a surging $200B by getting your own connected fleet solution - one that looks and feels like your own product - to market within weeks.

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