BMD realised a massive reduction in paperwork and an increase in critical information to support driver safety! 

– Enola Antolini, Assistant Fleet manager

BMD has grown from a small, family-owned company to become one of Australia’s largest privately-owned construction, engineering design and land development contractors.

With more than five years’ experience managing vehicles using Telematics, BMD has high expectations for return on investment and performance. Over a virtual coffee with BMD’s Assistant Fleet Manager Enola Antolini, we talked “why Telematics, and why Fleetsu?”

BMD had a number of requirements when searching for a partner to support their fleet management, including being able to utilise electronic logbooks for more accurate tracking and reporting on fringe benefits tax. Safety was also a key driver for the team at BMD, with Fleetsu’s multiple integrations with Government provided speed limits and overlap with the speed of the current vehicle something BMD has taken full advantage of. “Being able to automatically enter data into an electronic logbook is more efficient than relying on manual paperwork. With Fleetsu, we are more confident in the accuracy of the numbers and by going electronic, we have also seen a massive reduction in paperwork.” Enola said.

When asked about our platform Enola delighted us by saying “The Fleetsu platform is easy to use, but it was the support from the team that won us over. At BMD, we pride ourselves on our long-standing relationships and we make a conscious effort to partner with like-minded businesses who share our values. The team at Fleetsu’s response times are fantastic, and they have been very patient with us as we onboard to their system”. I made a note to let the support team know of the great feedback.

“With the implementation of the Fleetsu system, we have also been able to identify drivers who require attention early, and provide support and guidance on safe driving practices,” Enola said.

Fleetsu and BMD continue to build on our strong relationship, finding new and innovative ways to integrate our systems. We recently delivered a new feature which connects with BMD’s user accounts via Microsoft Office 365, making the system more secure and convenient.

"The Fleetsu platform is easy to use, but it was the support from the team that won us over."
-Enola Antolini

Locate all your vehicles in real time

With Fleetsu’s real time vehicle panel you will be able to monitor and manage your entire fleet all in one modern space.

Save on fuel costs

Fleetsu provides you with accurate fuel consumption information for all vehicles that are Fleetsu Managed. This information is used by our customers to lower fuel consumption costs across their fleet.

Real time alerts

From vehicles entering job sites and maximum utilisation to just name two. Location alerts can inform you of information that is important to you. If you need to know it, Fleetsu can alert you.

Driver Safety Information

From speeding alerts to measuring if a vehicle has experienced rapid acceleration, braking and cornering. Driver safety information provides the information you need to reward safe drivers.

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