Deliver It provide “Just in Time” Logistics service powered by Fleetsu

– Matt Draper, Director

Covid-19 challenged Deliver It with rapid change and increased demand for “Just in Time” logistics They turned to Fleetsu to help get the job done.

Deliver It is a proud provider of refrigerated logistics services, an industry that has its challenges operating in the extreme Australian heat.  As Matt Draper, CEO of Deliver It explains, “To keep our costs down, we don’t hold any refrigerated stock, we instead provide just-in-time chilled logistics. To ensure pallets aren’t left out in the hot sun we need to be exactly on time, every time.” Deliver It achieves this by using Fleetsu’s real-time tracking and ‘follow vehicle’ feature to gain critical, actionable intelligence on the movements of their trucks. “If one of our trucks is even ten minutes late, there is a real problem. With Fleetsu we can deal with it before there is a problem”. Fleetsu’s easy-to-understand Fleet map provides their fleet operators with critical information and “really empowers Deliver It to make quick decisions.”  

The Food and Flower industries are also crucial for Deliver It. In response to successive Covid-19 related lockdowns Matt has seen that food and flower delivery customers are being prudent by running historically low stock levels. “Our customers had to prepare for a potential lockdown so they are carrying an absolute minimal amount of stock and I don’t blame them! They challenged us to be even more agile than we have ever been with deliveries.” Fortunately, Fleetsu empowers Deliver It with critical information and alerts, meaning that for Matt and his team, “we don’t make twenty to thirty calls a day per making sure our customer’s needs are satisfied.” 

At the core of Deliver It is a culture of real accountability. “We are serious about accountability across the entire organisation, no BS. Fleetsu provides us with the information we need to back our accountability with facts, not hearsay. We reward our safe drivers because we know they are driving safe. Our drivers are delivering stock without heat spoilage and they are delivering stock that keeps the food and flower industries trading, right when they need it. ”  – Matt Draper

Locate all your vehicles in real time

With Fleetsu’s real time vehicle panel you will be able to monitor and manage your entire fleet all in one modern space.

Save on fuel costs

Fleetsu provides you with accurate fuel consumption information for all vehicles that are Fleetsu Managed. This information is used by our customers to lower fuel consumption costs across their fleet.

Real time alerts

From vehicles entering job sites and maximum utilisation to just name two. Location alerts can inform you of information that is important to you. If you need to know it, Fleetsu can alert you.

Driver Safety Information

From speeding alerts to measuring if a vehicle has experienced rapid acceleration, braking and cornering. Driver safety information provides the information you need to reward safe drivers.

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