Paneltec’s “Magic” touch screen uses accurate real-time Fleetsu information for fast decisions and job allocations.

Paneltec is a family-owned and operated company that takes pride in providing a comprehensive range of services across the utilities, civil and traffic management sectors. To stay on top of a highly dynamic work schedule, Stephen, John,  Amanda and the Paneltec team have a magic touch screen in which Fleetsu is hugely proud to play a role. 

The “magic” touch screen sounds like your typical run of the mill screen however, the magic happens when a number of different companies and their data are brought together in one cohesive touchable, actionable, understandable screen that gives Paneltec team members a total view of their company’s operations in a social setting.  

Positioned in the centre of the open office, Paneltec team members lead by John can quickly review information, discuss the best outcomes, allocate jobs to the right people with instant notifications to employees. All while still holding a coffee. When asked the key reason Stephen decided to invest in such a technology, Stephen was quite candid “you never get it right the old fashioned way, we never had any up to date vehicle information so we were always checking in before any decisions or job allocations could be made, this was extremely slow. Now we have all the information in real-time. It’s more than a single source of truth”. Information normally residing in a series of different personal computers would result in long emails and delays in responses. With all the information in one place, people can stand around, discuss and decide extremely quickly. Then with one touch and drag, a person can allocate a job and let everyone know what was decided and who has been assigned. The icing on the cake, emails and SMS’s are sent out to the employees allocated to the newly assigned job. 

Fleetsu provided all the real-time and historical vehicle information critical for the Paneltec decision-making process. Normally this is available via our simple to use the web app or phone. In this case, we provided the information via real-time streaming data. 

For those who want to read up on the tech behind this, [click here]

This data feed is received and shown on Paneltec’s “magic” board, along with SimPro job booking information. Jakub Felinski, CEO of Fleetsu said, “we were excited to work with Paneltec in this innovative way to use Fleetsu’s data to align with their business needs. It’s great to see the real-time data allowing Paneltec to be even more dynamic.”

Paneltec and Fleetsu have a strong relationship, and there are some exciting projects in the works, which we can’t wait to tell you about once we deliver.

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