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With Rand Platform’s easy to use vehicle dashboard you can manage fleets small or large. With rapid filters, active geofence alerts, safety reports and more

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Vehicle Tracking

Rapidly pick and choose the exact vehicles that you want to see. Choose from list of filter types. Our customers love vehicles types such as trucks or cars, stationary vehicles and vans parked at a depot. Rapid filter enable you to manage large fleets by categorising your fleet the way you want to see it. Dynamically and incredibly fast!

Assist drivers with Fleetmap follow

Get instant insights with your Rand McNally managed assess with real time follow. Includes current speed, direction, speed limit and much more.

Smart AI dashcams

Whether it’s across the country or across town, accidents can happen. When they do, footage from the road-facing camera can help exonerate your drivers and safeguard your company.

How it works?

Machine Vision

Recognizes indicators of distracted drivers,

Artificial intelligence

Understands what is risky

Together they can assess situations and alert in real time.  This is done with high quality data with human validation.  

Simple installation

Getting started with the camera is simple – just a quick 10-minute installation process with multiple options to connect to power.

Free PDF

Click to download our free PDF that discusses the top six Fleet Management challenges and our advise on how to tackle them. There are tips you can use even if you don't sign up with us.

Accurate information, not hearsay

A Rand McNally managed vehicle measures braking, accelerating and cornering to name just a few. Combined with accurate speeding information an accurate account of an event can be used in the event of a claim of bad driving is made against your company.

Speeding alerts

Promote safer driving and be notified via sms or email when a vehicle exceeds speed limits within a period of time. Supporting vehicle overtaking events and even private speed limits; Rand Platform speeding alerts rewards the safe driver.

Smart geofences

Use our very simple tool to mark locations on a map that matter to you. One example our customers love is to draw boxes around their sites. To show the assets inside or outside of that box. Just one example of how Rand Platform can be configured for exact business. Contact us today about this feature.

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