Why Telematics can help you understand your fleet, regardless of your size.

Reduce operating costs with your own customised solution

Lower Fuel Costs

Fuel costs are critical, reduce your costs by knowing which vehicles are consuming the most fuel. Poor behaviour can be the greatest cause of wasted fuel costs. Identify and save early.

Fuel Tax Credits

Australian Tax Office compliant, remove the pain and inaccuracy of manual paper logbooks. With Fleetsu the vehicle can record its own accurate trips. 

Remove Underperforming Vehicles

Lease or Own knowing your vehicle usage is key to optimising your investment. With Fleetsu be told which vehicles are underutilised per site or company wide

Hello Digital Logbooks, goodbye paper!

Reduce your paperwork and receive more accurate logbooks. For large fleets or small, the digital logbooks are now automatically generated for you. 

Ditch the phones

Use real-time live tracking to reduce daily update calls and free up the time of a fleet manager for other tasks. Most importantly remove the distraction of mobile phones for your drivers.

Smaller fleets

5-50 vehicles? No problem. Making the most from customised features can result in large gains. 

No More Dead Batteries

Avoid the loss of productivity and expensive call-out fees. Be notified before a battery is flat and if a battery needs to be replaced proactively.

Never be overdue for a Service again

Ensure your vehicles are serviced on time with automatic reminders based a number of parameters.

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