Driver Safety Information

Promote safer driving and reduce accident-related insurance claim cost

Speeding alerts

Promote safer driving and be notified via sms or email when a vehicle exceeds speed limits within a period of time. Supporting vehicle overtaking events and even private speed limits Fleetsu speeding alerts rewards the safe driver.

Accurate information, not hearsay

A Fleetsu managed vehicle measures braking, accelerating and cornering to name just a few. Combined with accurate speeding information an accurate account of an event can be used in the event of a claim of bad driving is made against your company.

Customisable rest notifications

Fleetsu provides information to help you manage how long your vehicles have been moving with customisable thresholds and triggers to ensure drivers are taking breaks in line with your policies.

Toyota partner with Fleetsu to offer a Connected Fleet Management Solution

Scorecards to reward safe drivers

The Fleetsu Driver Scorecard provides a unified metric for your organization to recognize your safest drivers.

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