Total Fleet Management System

Improve Safety, Real Time Updates, Electronic Logbooks and so much more!

Real-Time Updates

  • GPS Fleet Tracking System
  • 24/7 in real-time Update
  • Live Odometer readings 
  • Alerts direct to your phone

Improve Safety

  • Monitor and improve driving behaviour
  • Improve driver safety
  • Prevent accidents, reduce speeding and harsh driving

Electronic LogBooks

  • Automatic Logbook Creation
  • Pre Trip Classification
  • Private Mode for personal trips
  • Personal Trip Kilometre Allocation Support

Supporting Light and Heavy Vehicles

Fuel Tax Credits and More!

  • We are proudly certified by the Australian Tax Office
  • FBT Reporting & Fuel Tax Credits
  • Solid foundation for a business case.

Make Your Own Alerts and Reports

  • Set vehicle zone alerts for on site patient visits
  • Create custom rules such as speeding alerts
  • Automate service scheduling

Truck & Light Vehicles

  • Engine Information
  • Fault Code Information 
  • Low Battery Alerts 
  • Telematics system supporting light and heavy vehicles

Reduce Costs

  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Avoid breakdowns and major, critical repairs
  • Reduce vehicle idling with reports

Trusted By Our Customers

Proudly Australian Owned and Operated!

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