Introducing Fleetsu Driver

The Mobile GPS Tracking App for Fleetsu.  Transform any mobile device into a GPS tracker


Transform any mobile device into a GPS tracker

Are you looking for a simple way to track and manage your drivers without the need for specialised hardware?

 Well with Fleetsu Driver, you can now use mobile devices as GPS trackers.

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Live GPS Tracking

Drivers toggle off-duty mode to disable location tracking

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In-App Duress Button

Drivers can easily request help or signal duress through the app

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In-app Check In

Drivers can quickly check-in to signal they are ok

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Web Based Admin Panel

Track the locations of your on-duty drivers through Fleetsu's manager view


Fleetsu Driver is a companion GPS tracking app for Fleetsu. It allows you to track your drivers via their mobile device in real-time without a need for specialised hardware. You can then analyse and manage the data in the Fleetsu web application.

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Get access to real-time driver location

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Monitor hours of work with on-duty/off-duty functions

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Capture location arrival and departure times

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Monitor driver speed

Fleet Manager

Free until March 1st

Simply deploy Fleetsu Driver to your mobile devices and get live location data right in Fleetsu. Combine this with our in-mobile check-in and duress buttons, and you’ll be able to keep an eye on the safety of your employees easily.

Fleetsu Mobile Tracker

The software GPS tracking app
$ 9
AUD per device per month
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • In-App Check In
  • In-App Duress
  • Android & iOS
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