Installer Form

Vehicle Installation Sheet

Before you start the installation. Some prestart information.

You will use this form and the Fleetsu manager app together. The form is here to record the installation incase anything is reported with the vehicle. The Fleetsu Manager app links the device you are about to install to the vehicle

All the information requested is important. Please ensure all requested information is provided.

Check you have the loaded

Before you fit the device into the vehicle, use to check the device you are about to install it in the system and enter in basic information (Name, Rego and ODO)

After the device is Fitted, use http://jhg.fleetsu.comi to check if it's talking to the system

Before cleaning up and general tips

After device installed leave engine running and idling for at least 4 minutes – Check there are no warning lights displayed on the vehicle.

Please read all steps on form below before beginning. There is a point where you will need to exit this form and use the installer portal. 

Start here

Does the vehicle have any existing damage?

Fleetsu Device Information

After device is Fitted, keep this form open and log into into another browser tab to activate the device on Fleetsu

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