Vehicle Installation Record Form

Prestart Information.

Items you will need 


1. One Fleetsu Tracker Device 




2. One Y-Cable 


3. One USB Standard consumer battery or wall-mounted phone charger.



4. One Micro USB Cable [ Image ]

Installation Instructions


(Before removing panelling). Plug GX2 device into USB charger with cable to allow it to power on and sit for a minimum of 5 minutes to receive any new updates.


1. Remove panelling from vehicle to achieve access to OBD plug and fit Y Cable.


2. Locate OBD plug on vehicle


3. Remove plug from the panel


4. Plug-in Y cable and secure with cable tie


5. Insert Y cable OBD plug back into the panel


6. Plug GPS unit into Y cable and secure with a cable tie

7. Locate a suitable firm mounting location. Must be rigid. 

(e.g. chassis or framing bracket)


8. Ensure GPS unit sticker is facing outwards 

(not on framing bracket)


9. Mount GPS unit firmly with cable a minimum of 3 X Cable ties. On both vertical and horizontal axis.

Note – Cable ties to be applied both vertically and horizontally.

10. Test to make sure device will not wiggle or move


11. Ensure indicator lights on unit are flashing


12. Leave vehicle running and idle for at least 4 minutes, check there are no warning lights on the vehicle

12. Re-assemble any removed panels  


Fleetsu Device Information

After device is Fitted, keep this form open and log into into another browser tab to activate the device on Fleetsu

Please check over all items before sending