Live GPS tracking

Live track and record your fleet. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Asset Monitoring

Replay trips

Track and record the locations and behaviour of your on-duty drivers through Fleetsu’s manager view.

Leverage this insight to easily make more money saving operational decisions, and increase your fleet safety and efficiency.

multiple maps

Check road conditions

emergency information and road closures

Direct access to all important maps and notification alerts


live track

follow asset in real-time

live data streaming

Live data streaming gives you absolute access to your drivers’ location, vehicle status and potential hazards. Now you always know the status of your fleet.


Free Tracking App

FREE GPS Tracking App

The Fleetsu Driver app is the simplest way to track your drivers without any need for hardware. It keeps you mobile and saves you money.

fleetsu hw

plug and play gps hardware

OBDII and j1939 devices

Just plug our device into the diagnostic port on your light vehicle or heavy truck. Then, you’re tracking service is ready to go.

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RPM, Engine Temperatures

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DTC Codes (Engine Errors)

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Live Odometer and Engine Hours

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Live Engine Torque %

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Fuel Tank Level &
Live Fuel Consumption

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