Intuitive maintenance tools at your fingertips

Avoid accidents and extend the life of your heavy equipment with proactive maintenance 

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Interactive Asset Register

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Maintenance, Licence renewal Notifications

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Automatic VIN Decoding

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Automatic Licensing Information

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Documents library

What if you had a platform that could help you prioritise and schedule your maintenance tasks?

Asset Documentation

Log and manage maintenance issues

All your fleet data is stored securely

Permissions, roles and tags allow you to control exactly what users can access

reports available out-of-the-box

You can export reports to PDF, CSV and Excel and schedule regular reports to email

Maintenance Tools

Set FLexible Reminders

Real-time alerts for license, registration, insurance and maintenance requirements. Treat safety and compliance risks within your fleet before issues occur.

Live Odometer readings

Set reminders on true odometer readings, no more running around

licence renewals

Set and don't forget reminders, make sure your fleet is fully compliant


Automatic Data COllection

reduce manual data entry

Fleetsu automaticaly collects vehicle data from various government databases to populate your fleet information with Registration Numbers, Expiry Dates, Makes and Models

Just plug our OBDII device for automtic VIN decoding

Just plug in Fleetsu's device and it will automaticaly detect VIN number

All vehicle data automaticaly populated

Fleetsu removes manual data entry, our VIN decoder auto-populates vehicle makes, models to crete an always up to date data repository

Licensing information maintained

We also with Government databases and update licensing information including registration numbers, expiration dates

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