Fine tune your fleet's performance

Fleetsu enables smarter and faster operational decisions

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All the features you need to manage a modern fleet

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Unlock the big data within your fleet assets. Get live data streams from vehicles, including proprietary information

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Gather and organise your fleet data in the cloud. Stored securely for peace of mind

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Easily integrate with enterprise systems using Fleetsu's API-driven architecture. Let Fleetsu enhance your data with external sources

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Automate your fleet processes with the drag and drop integrations builder

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Easily share data and insights with your clients.

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Make accurate operational decisions quickly with real-time data, intuitive analytics dashboards and predictive insights

Track your fleet quickly and easily

Live Telematics

Installation takes just 5 minutes

Just plug our device into the diagnostic port on your asset and Fleetsu collects all the data automatically

Data is streamed live via cellular link

Visible and ready for immediate analytics. Fleetsu's devices work anywhere in the world. 190 countries with over 550 cellular carriers means you don’t need to worry about connectivity.

All vehicle protocols are supported

You can decode and track hundreds of vehicle data points including hidden and proprietary information

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Fuel Tank Level &
Live Fuel Consumption

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RPM, Engine Temperatures

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Live Engine Torque %

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Live Odometer and Engine Hours

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DTC Codes (Engine Errors)

Store and manage your data in the cloud for maximum peace of mind

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Data Management

All your fleet data is stored securely

Permissions, roles and tags allow you to control exactly what users can access

Intuitive dashboards and reports available out-of-the-box

You can export reports to PDF, CSV and Excel and schedule regular reports to email

One platform for all assets

All your fleet operations and asset lifecycle tasks can happen in one platform

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Interactive Asset Register

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Maintenance, Licence renewal Notifications

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Automatic VIN Decoding

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Integration with Government databases for Rego, Licensing

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Documents library

Automate your fleet processes with easy drag and drop builder

Fleet Automation

Build decision and event-based workflows quickly

Configure your workflows to use any vehicle device sensor parameters, asset or geographic information

Create geofences quickly

With visual editor and full Google Maps integration

Integration Connectors

Connect your workflows to external APIs

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Dashboards and analytics power operational decisions

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Fleet Analytics

Out of the box analytics

Out of the box analytics views and dashboards enable you to make optimal decisions in real-time

Open data

Access to mountains of customer usage data is now possible. Use this data to create new products and services that improve customer experience

Custom branding

Fleetsu's software platform can be white-labelled with your branding and fully customised to your needs

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ATO Certified FBT Reports

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Automatic Timesheet Reporting

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Fuel Usage Reporting

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Secure Storage

Easy integrations to your enterprise systems and external data sources

System Integrations

Sophisticated API

Our API integrates with your enterprise business systems including ERP, EAM and OHS

Geospatial data

Overlay live environmental data and your custom maps including weather, road works, emergency and traffic conditions

Integration Connectors

Connect your workflows to external APIs.

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Installation takes less than 5 minutes, so start today, for free.