Device Replacement Form

Device Replacement Sheet

Before you replace a faulty device please read this information.

You will use this form and the Fleetsu manager app together. The form is here to record the replacement so that JHG have a record of additional details. The Fleetsu Manager app is your tool for telling the system which device(s) are currently connected to the vehicle. Once you have removed a device, it is expected that you will go back into the Manager app to document the replacement device.

Here are the steps:

1. Contact Fleetsu Support or the JHG telematics administrator to confirm the exact device (with IMEI) you will be using to replace on the vehicle.

2. Confirm with them that everything has been linked in the back end.

3. Use this form and the manager app to uninstall the old device.

4. Use this installation form and the app to install the new device.

All the information requested is important. Please ensure all requested information is provided.

Check You Can Find the Device in the Platform

Before you remove the device from the vehicle, confirm that you can find the right tracker with either:

  • on a laptop or tablet
  • The Installer Portal within the Manager App to find the device you are about to uninstall from the vehicle.

Does the vehicle have any existing damage?

Fleetsu Device Information

After device is physically replaced, keep this form open and log into in another browser tab or via the Manager App to digitally uninstall the old device on Fleetsu and digitally install new device

  • Search the device serial number (IMEI) in the Fleetsu Search bar and then click on the result to get to this page (note: please always uninstall regardless of whether the devices shows as online) :
  • Uninstall Button
  • Once you've uninstalled the old one, please search the IMEI of the new one, and then proceed to installation.
     [ Watch How ▶ ] 
  • Remember to take a screenshot showing it successfully talks to Fleetsu