Innovative, in-vehicle Hardware for a smart Connected Fleet

Immediate, easy access to your fleet data in under 5 minutes. Connect your fleet across both light and heavy vehicles and understand business critical variables like fuel consumption, tank level and live RPM.

Secure and smart devices

Device is compatible with light vehicles and heavy trucks


Get access to detailed vehicle telematics and performance data including live fuel consumption, RPM, Coolant Temperatures, VIN numbers​

Access all vehicle data

Fleetsu analysed various vehicle makes and models to build the most comprehensive dataset. We allow our customers to get access to hidden OEM data.


Light Vehicles

Available as plug-n-play or hardwired device.  Simple to install gives you full access to in-vehicle data.

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Fuel Tank Level
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Engine RPM

Heavy Trucks & Equipment

Available with J1939 and FMS adapters. It supports all protocols for heavy trucks


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