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Instantly collect, analyse and monetise fleet data

Access one of the fastest growing sectors

The connected fleet sector is going through a massive transformation.

By 2030 all new cars will be connected. Imagine securing a slice of this $200B Connected Car Market before anyone else had a chance.

Value of global Connected Car market by 2030
$ 0 B

Rapidly deploy connected car services

Rapidly deploy your own intelligent Connected Car offer and profit from the automotive industries fastest-growing sector. Leapfrog your competition and secure your slice of a surging $200B Connected Vehicle market

Fleetsu is the glue that links automotive data

Trusted by Enterprise Customers

We are delivering revolutionary connected fleet technology to some of the best-known brands

Deploy modern automotive business models

Easilly collect, unify and enrich connected car data

Fleetsu’s platform infrastructure gives you the flexibility to adapt, scale at your own pace, and the secure, dedicated global servers to keep your data protected

No-code customisations

Our unique, drag and drop, integrated workflow system allows for endless customisations of Connected Data and processing. In just a few quick steps you can build workflows to trigger any system notification. Vehicle stationary for too long? You’ll know. The driver hasn’t rested in a while? You’ll know.​

Generate Subscription Revenue

Instantly grab market share and boost your revenue

Mobility as a Service

Rapidly deploy your own MaaS service, Fleetsu will assist in designing a successful go-to market strategy, package the product and structure your team for the maximum impact

White Label Platform

Platform that looks and feels like your own product, go to market within weeks with your own Connected Fleet Solution

Accelerate your route to market

Leapfrog your competition and secure your slice of a surging $200B by getting your own connected fleet solution and go-to market within weeks

Globally available
Connected Car platform. Analysing millions of data points from connected vehicles

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