Connected Fleet Platform

Rapidly deploy Connected Vehicle offer and profit from the automotive fastest-growing sector

One of the fastest growing sectors

The connected fleet sector is going through a massive transformation.

By 2030 all new cars will be connected. Imagine securing a slice of this $200B Connected Car Market before anyone else had a chance.

$ 0 B
Value of global Connected Car market by 2025

Deploy Connected Fleet Platform

Rapidly deploy your own intelligent connected vehicle offer and profit from the automotive industries fastest-growing sector


Rapidly Monetise Connected Vehicle Data

Margins are shrinking. And, the competition to be the first is fierce. So, don’t lose another deal because you’re a step behind.
  • Leapfrog your competition and secure your slice of a surging $200B Connected Vehicle market
  • Introduce your Connected Vehicle offering, be profitable in less than 6 months
  • Instantly grab market share and boost your revenue
  • Leverage your existing brand loyalty with a fully white labelled product​
  • Build new products by accessing billions of new customer data points

Trusted by Enterprise Customers

We are delivering revolutionary Connected Fleet technology to some of the best-known brands

Because it’s loved by enterprise customers across the globe, we’ve tailored cloud-Connected Fleet platform to your challenges to help you generate revenue from one of the fastest-growing sectors ​

We integrate and aggregate real-time data from vehicles to provide actionable insight

Works with all asset types.
From light vehicles, to mining trucks.

Unified and cleaned data, all in one place

Feature rich interface and comprehensive APIs to integrate with business applications

Provide your customers with Connected Fleet experience

Platform that looks and feels like your own product

Get to market within weeks without massive investment, time-consuming infrastructure or the stress of platform management. We’ll take care of it all for you
  • Apply your own branding
  • Host in your company domain
  • Customised features and functionality

Extendable Platform

Because it’s loved by enterprise customers across the globe, we’ve tailored cloud-Connected Vehicle platform to your challenges to help you generate revenue from automotive’s fastest-growing sector
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Remote Data Collection
  • Asset Management
  • Reporting

API First Platform

Build your own applications for connected vehicles

Transform data into action and action into scalable success. We’ve made it easy to establish and develop business partnerships with third parties through seamless data sharing. Your knowledge becomes big business.
  • Open API, with an ever-growing list of out-of-the-box integration connectors for market-leading enterprise SaaS platforms
  • Endlessly customisable business rule builder, with our Workflows allowing you and your user to build unique business logic without the need for developers
  • One API to connect and interact with all vehicle makes and models

Interact with your customers

Engage with your customers, get access to live data from all assets and support your customers better
  • Asset Management Module
  • Remote condition monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Data sharing

Collect real-time data remotely

Save time and money, manage all fleet assets remotely
  • Remotely Read Engine Hours, Odometers
  • Diagnose Faults
  • Read 100's of vehicles and equipment parameters

Connect your Fleet

Use our connected vehicle hardware or bring your own

  • Works with light, heavy vehicles and multiple manufacturers.
  • J1939 and OBDII support with multiple PGN/SPN and PID configurations
  • Bring your own Connected Fleet Hardware
  • Accelerate deliver with Fleetsu's advanced Telematics devices
  • Deploy your assets anywhere, we provide connectivity in over 196 countries ​

Plug-n-Play OBD/J1939

Hardwired & Ruggedised


API Integrations

Provide your customers with Connected Fleet experience

Years of R&D

Built from the ground up

Fleetsu was built from scratch by us. And, is completely owned by us. That means we don’t need to dabble in external engineers, we can support your ambitious growth without having to dance around massive red tape.
  • Flexible and nimble enough to manoeuvre with you
  • A creator’s knowledge to always have the answer to your questions
  • Zero red-tape means instant action and no limitations


Because it’s loved by enterprise customers across the globe, we’ve tailored cloud- Connected Vehicle platform to your challenges to help you generate revenue from automotive’s fastest-growing sector.

Cloud Hosted

Fully hosted, market-ready Connected Vehicle Platform that looks and feels like your own product


Secure and scalable deployments, shared or completely dedicated datacentre just for your clients. Keep your Customer’s data in your country

Global Reach

Deploy anywhere in the world, we take care of everything from data to hosting

Everything you need in one platform

We integrate and aggregate data from vehicles, trucks and machinery to provide actionable insight for driving results.

Modern, web based SaaS platform

Fleetsu has the platform infrastructure to give you the flexibility to adapt, scale at your own pace, and the secure, dedicated global servers to keep your data protected.

Integrated Billing and Payments

Fleetsu simplifies your Connected Vehicle offering with integrated billing, so you can get started right away. You’re already busy enough, so we’ve made Fleetsu a breeze to use and quick to make money.



Whether you’ve made steps towards your own connected vehicle hardware or you’re new to the system and need a ready-to-deploy answer immediately, Fleetsu gives you an instant route to market to boost sales now.

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